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Parent & Family Connection

Parent & Family Connection

Parents and Family Connection

Dear Parents and Family Members,

Welcome to Columbus State University! Your student made a great decision in choosing CSU. A college career is a big part of life for both students and their families. Our staff and faculty are committed to assisting students in achieving their academic and personal goals. Likewise, we recognize the essential role that parents and family members play in the success of their student.

The CSU Parent and Family Connection serves as a venue for parents to share information and resources in support of their student's success. Through membership, parents will enjoy a variety of benefits, make connections with other parents and family members, receive regular campus updates, and engage in partnership opportunities with Columbus State. Joining the Parent and Family Connection provides parents with an investment in their student's future at CSU and beyond. I hope you will consider joining us in our commitment to enhancing the college experience for CSU students and families. Again, welcome to the Columbus State University family.

Dr. Gina Sheeks

Vice President for Student Affairs